The impact rethinking hawaii beef
Kunoa: The Impact

Animal Health

Cattle are healthiest on a diverse diet of grasses, forbs, sedges, shrubs, grains, and even trees; that’s how the species evolved, and that’s how our ancestors traditionally fed their domesticated herds. This changed during the industrial revolution when humans flipped the food pyramid for beef cattle on its head. Instead of growing to maturity on modest, natural amounts of grains and fatty legumes while roaming at pasture, many cattle now spend the last several months of life in confined feeding operations gaining weight on a diet mostly absent of grass.

In Hawaii, with year-round growing season and plentiful water, Kunoa cattle are able to grow as their physiology intended them to—happily grazing on plentiful local forages and carefully selected supplements while steadily, and healthily, gaining weight without any added hormones or antibiotics. Throughout their entire life cycle, the health of our animals is our top concern. We treat each and every cow humanely and with the dignity these remarkable animals deserve.

Learn more about our standards for animal health and well-being.

Kunoa: The Impact

Healthy Land

Healthy land produces healthy plants and animals. Healthy plants and animals support healthy people and communities. Kunoa believes that this equation is constant—our health, and wealth, as a civilization begins with the land. Hawaii’s soil is alive with billions of microorganisms that work together to filter water, capture and store carbon, and unlock essential nutrients. When we ignore these relationships, these ecologies break down and force us to introduce synthetic approaches to agriculture resulting in less productive land and failing plant and animal health—breaking the basic equation above and compromising the health of our families and our economy.

Kunoa aims to employ progressive and sustainable grazing techniques, fostering healthy land while supporting the regeneration of healthy soil ecologies. This will allow our pastures to improve year after year in their ability to retain carbon, reduce run-off, and nourish healthy animals.

Kunoa: The Impact

Food Security

Hawaii imports nearly 90% of its food, 97% of its beef. Isolated by thousands of miles of ocean, this dependence leaves the local economy vulnerable to swings in pricing and availability. Additionally, with only a few days of supply on local shelves, anything from extreme weather to global political events could cripple the local economy and threaten the safety of all who live and visit Hawaii.

At Kunoa, we believe we can energize Hawaii’s ag industry. There are tens of thousands of world-class, pasture-raised cattle raised in Hawaii every year. We hope to keep more of them here, raise them to maturity - healthily and humanely—and keep jobs, food, revenue, and this premium resource, right here in Hawaii.

Kunoa: The Impact

Delicious Hawaii Beef

Kunoa beef is pasture-raised and natural—lean and delicious. Our herds graze in mauka pasturelands on Oahu and Kauai, spending their entire life in Hawaii with no added hormones or antibiotics. We work with our herds as well as with other local ranchers to raise high quality cattle that are specially suited for pasture finishing and subtropical climates and grasses.

Raising cattle on pasture with diverse and nutritious forages shapes the delicious Kunoa flavor profile. Robust and beefy, from steaks and hamburgers to meat bars and jerky, Kunoa beef is flavor-packed and healthy.