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Stories of Stewardship: Zanga Schutte

January 25, 2019

Today we’re excited to release the third video in our Stories of Stewardship series, where we’re sharing the stories of the dedicated people who work with Kunoa to produce local, healthy food in Hawaii.

This edition takes us to Kamuela on Hawaii Island, where Zanga Schutte raises Angus cattle at Z-Bar Ranch. Zanga grew up on homestead land. Ranching is in his blood.

When Zanga started in the business, he says it was just a numbers game for him. The more cattle he could raise, the more money he could make. But through watching and listening to other ranchers, he realized the importance of taking a more holistic approach.

Now, he’s focused on being a steward of the ‘āina (land), which ensures his cattle have nourishing food. Instead of yelling and chasing after his cattle, he’s gentle with them and is more attentive to their needs. It shows in his herd’s gentle temperament — and in the beef. “You get more tender beef because they’re not stressed,” he says.

Through his mentors, Zanga has learned what true ranching is about. “It’s not a get-rich scheme,” he says. “It’s our life. It’s a lifestyle that we enjoy — freedom.”

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