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Nourish Body and Soul with Bone Broth

July 12, 2019

If you’ve ever had homemade stock or bone broth, you know that it’s in a league of its own compared to boxed or canned versions. Nutritious and soothing, it adds richness and complexity to soups or can be sipped simply from a mug when you’re feeling under the weather.

Kristal Muhich, founder of Kauai Juice Co., is an expert in healing foods, so it makes sense that she recently added bone broth to her offerings. She started Bone to Be Wild last year to make high quality, nourishing bone broth made from local ingredients available in Hawaii. We caught up with Kristal to learn more about her products: 

Why did you decide to start making and selling bone broth?

I am extremely passionate when it comes to providing highly nutritious food to the Hawaii community. It seems our lives are so busy that we’ve steered away from traditional cooking, and what is readily available now is a lot of fast and low quality food. I want to provide dense nutrition to people that they can consume without compromising their busy lifestyle. All while educating people on the importance of how your food is made and how that affects your health. 

Tell me about your broth. What makes it unique? 

Our beef bone broth is unique because we use 100% Hawaii-raised steers as our main ingredient. Our process consists of a 48-hour simmering and chilling procedure where we use local Kauai Kombucha Vinegar to extract all of the nutrients from the bones. We then add in fresh medicinal Hawaiian herbs to increase the health factor even more. We aim to use local and simple ingredients, and our chef has been perfecting his recipe for over 16 years. 

What are some of the benefits of bone broth?

The benefits are endless if you like to get your information from Google! To siphon thru all the claims on the amazing things they say bone broth does I like to keep it simple in my explanation. That is, bone broth is pure protein and minerals in a highly absorbable form that takes little effort for your body to digest. It combats inflammation and restores your gut lining because it is loaded with glutamine. Considering how doctors are pressing the issue that inflammation and gut health are the root causes of many diseases, having a supplement like bone broth in your daily routine would be highly beneficial!

How do you source your ingredients?

We only use certified organic ingredients. Our bones come from grass fed and grass finished free roaming steers raised on Kauai. Our herbs are sourced locally primarily coming from Rising Sun Organic Farm. We made a commitment when we started this company that we will only perpetuate clean organic food in the industry. We believe there are enough of the other options out there. We want to stand out, be on the front of the health movement, and inspire other manufacturing companies to follow our lead. 

Besides soup, what are some of your favorite ways to use bone broth?

Because I use my broth as a supplement my favorite way to consume it is simply by itself, after my morning workout, on an empty stomach. As I get older I’m trying to savor my food more, appreciate it more, and honor the process that it took to make. Sipping and savoring my broth is like a gratitude meditation to me. I also like to keep some extra in my fridge at all times. I add it to any rice dish, smoothie, or sauce for added nutrients for my family (including the pups!).

To find out where to find Bone to Be Wild bone broth, visit bonetobewildkauai.com.