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Stories of Stewardship: Don and Alex Winters

November 26, 2018

Today we’re releasing the latest video in our Stories of Stewardship video series, where we’re sharing the stories of the dedicated ranchers and farmers who work with Kunoa to produce local, healthy food in Hawaii.

Our latest story features Don Winters and his grandson Alex Winters, who raise cattle in Waimea. Don started working with cattle back in 1950 as part of the Future Farmers of America program. Over six decades later, Don continues to steward the land with his herds, and Alex has his eyes set on carrying on the paniolo tradition.

Don has seen the ranching business evolve over his lifetime. For years he operated a “cow-calf” operation, which meant the cows he raised were all sent to the mainland. Today, with the resurgence of full-cycle beef production in Hawaii, more of the cattle he raises stays local and feeds his neighbors.

With this change and by practicing rotational grazing techniques, the Winters are seeing the land improve and better grasses return. Better land means better cattle. It’s a virtuous cycle that supports not only a family business, but a way of life and a promise for generations to come.  

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