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Stories of Stewardship: Bobby Farias

May 31, 2018

Today, we’re releasing the first in a series of videos that will help you get to know the dedicated people working to build Hawaii’s local food system. Called “Stories of Stewardship,” each video will profile the ranchers and farmers who are caring for Hawaii’s land and animals and producing food that is healthy for our people and communities.

We’re starting with our co-founder Bobby Farias. Bobby made a name for himself as a champion team roper, but he’s also a third-generation rancher. After the sugarcane plantations shut down, Bobby felt a calling to take care of the land. He started building out his ranch footprint with his dad and brother. “If we treat the ground good, it treats us good,” he says.

At one time, Bobby operated the largest calf brokerage on Kauai, negotiating the sale and shipping of calves off island to California, Texas and Washington. He co-founded Kunoa to help reverse this model and keep beef, income, and jobs in Hawaii.

Bobby looks at ranching as an important link between the past and the future of the land. By practicing holistic planned grazing, the cattle help improve the soil, which feeds the plants that nourish the animals the next time they come around.

Bobby emphasizes that everyone can take part in rebuilding our land and Hawaii’s food security by choosing to buy local food. “We have the privilege of living in Hawaii, so it’s our job to leave it better than we found it,” he says.

Stay tuned for more Kunoa Stories of Stewardship coming later this year.