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On the Menu: Burgers

November 9, 2018

We absolutely love our restaurant partners. You can find Kunoa beef being served at more than 30 restaurants in Hawaii and growing. It’s exciting to see the creativity these chefs brings to the dishes they create with our Hawaii-grown beef. The humble hamburger is one of our favorites.

Chubbies Burgers

A restaurant burger may seem simple on the surface, but what you might not know is that chefs are very particular about what goes into their patties. We work with each one to give them a unique blend, and many of them grind their own recipes in-house to get the optimal lean-to-fat ratio.

So which burger is best? You’ll just have to try them all to decide for yourself. Here are a few available on menus right now.

Square Barrels Double Drive-Thru Burger made with Kunoa beef

Square Barrels
Located in downtown Honolulu, Square Barrels offers the 4 oz. “Drive-Thru” burger featuring Kunoa top sirloin and chuck roll that they grind fresh in-house. It’s topped with lettuce, tomato, cheese, pickled onion, and fried caper mayo served on a sesame bun. Really hungry? Order a double (shown above) or the “Misfit” burger, a 6 oz. version of the “Drive-Thru,” or the “Green Chili” burger, a 6 oz. patty with American cheese, house-made salsa verde, and shredded lettuce on a brioche bun. (Fun fact: It’s inspired by the Heisenburger featured in Breaking Bad.)


Chubbies Burgers are made with Kunoa beef

Chubbies Burgers
If you haven’t checked out Chubbies Burgers food truck, you’re in for a treat. They serve ‘50s-style “smash” burgers, which means they press the patties on a hot griddle to make an irresistible crust. Each burger is a premium grind of Kunoa chuck, boneless short ribs and rounds. Try one classic-style, with cheese, lettuce and tomato, or ask for an “El Rey,” which comes loaded with avocado, panko red onion, pepper-jack cheese, and garlic ranch. (Shown above and at top.)


HiBlend Cafés
Named Star Advertiser Hawaii’s Best Healthy Restaurant 2018, HiBlend Cafés in Honolulu and Wahiawa both serve a boneless short rib burger that they grind in house. We love their commitment to sourcing local, organic ingredients — and their smoothies are a delicious, healthy alternative to milkshakes for washing down a lunchtime burger.