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It Starts With the Soil
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It Starts With the Soil

July 11, 2018

Back in April, Flux magazine featured Kunoa in its food issue. If you picked up the print edition, you may have missed the beautiful video they put together about our company. They gave our co-founders plenty of space to talk about Kunoa’s mission of producing healthy food for the Hawaii community. It’s a movement that must grow, literally, from the ground up — starting with healthy soil.

Here’s Jack Beuttell, our co-founder, explained it:

“I like to say that soil is the origin of our health and wealth. Modern agriculture has forgotten the importance of soil. When the soil is healthy, when the ecosystem below grade is healthy, you have a healthier ecosystem above the ground. That healthy ecosystem translates to healthier animals which translates to healthier food and healthier communities.“

We’d like to thank the folks at Flux for covering cattle ranching in Hawaii. You can read the entire article here or find it in the April 2018 issue.