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‘I Work With Amazing People’

April 4, 2018

We are building a team of great employees who are passionate about sustainable, local agriculture, and we want you to meet them. Today, we’re introducing Kiane Aila. Kiane is our office assistant, but she wears a few other hats as well. With her positive attitude and winning smile, she was a natural fit for helping with demos, so you just might see her when we offer samples at your local grocery store.

What is your role at Kunoa?

Currently I’m working in three different areas of the company, which means I’m learning a lot. I started off working as a meat packer and got to learn the process of how the cattle get broken down, from ground beef to steak cuts. I’m currently getting to know a new part of the company as the office assistant helping Kamu, our office manager. I also help demo our products at grocery stores and events.

What do you like about working for Kunoa?

I get to work with a lot of amazing people, and I enjoy helping and supporting all my team members both on the processing floor and in the office. I like Kunoa’s vision of keeping local beef in the state, and I really am proud that Kunoa is keeping true to making sure that the cattle is pastured-raised and raised with no hormones and antibiotics.

Before joining Kunoa, you were involved with MA’O Organic Farms. What did you do there?

My grandfather was one of the many people who helped in the early stages of ramping up MA’O Farms. I got involved when I was in elementary school, then during my senior year in high school I signed up for the spring internship program. After it was done, I decided to jump into their college program.

To me, supporting local foods is helping the state of Hawaii become self-sustainable. We have the best weather to support farmers and ranchers in providing the most healthy and nutritious foods for the people of Hawaii.

We heard that your grandfather was also a rancher. What are some of your favorite memories of him?

My grandfather raised cows, pigs, horses and goats. By the time I was born he only raised goats and got into raising miniature horses and goats. My favorite memory from those times was the day my miniature horse was born. She was coming out backwards and I ran to get my grandfather. He immediately knew what was wrong. He was so calm and had me reposition her and helped me pull her out. The day after she was born he told me that she was mine. My grandfather never gave any of us grandchildren any animal, so it was a shock to me and the rest of our family.

What’s your favorite way to cook with Kunoa beef?

I like how my mother makes it. She always takes her time when cooking Kunoa beef. She says cooking grass-fed beef slowly brings out the best flavor out of the meat. And the results have been amazing!