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5 Gifts for Meat Lovers

December 7, 2018

If there are meat lovers on your holiday gift list, we’ve got you covered. In addition to our own beef bars and t-shirts, here are five nui gift ideas. For even more ideas, check out our guide from last year, 10 Hawaii-Grown Holiday Gifts.

Reversible Meat Carving Board ($87)

This maple carving board does double duty. One side is flat for carving roasts, the other has an indentation for turkey or chicken so it doesn’t slide as you carve it. Both sides a deep grove for catching all the cooking juices.


Da Kine Hawaiian “Da Rub” Gift Pack ($19.95)

Family-owned Da Kine Hawaiian offers seasonings and condiments inspired by Hawaiian cuisine. The rub gift pack includes three robust flavors — original, smoky and spicy —that include Kona coffee, which acts as a natural tenderizer. Get 25% off Da Kine’s entire store through 12/20/2018 with the code HOLIDAY2018. (Here’s a recipe idea, too.)


Brod & Taylor Knife Sharpener ($119)

There’s nothing better when doing prep work, like trimming meat, than a freshly sharpened knife. This unique design uses tungsten-carbide stones to sharpen both straight and serrated blades. It also looks great on the counter and takes up less space than an electric knife sharpener.


A Burger to Believe In by Chris Kronner ($29.99)

Bay Area chef Chris Kronner proves that the simplest foods are worth celebrating in his first book, which revolves around the humble hamburger. From how to make your own blend (with or without a meat grinder), to recipes for sides, condiments and drinks, this has everything a true burger lover could ask for.


ThermoPop Meat Thermometer ($34)

A new meat thermometer makes a great stocking stuffer or gift for holiday party hosts. You can’t go wrong with the ThermoPop, which is top-rated by reviewers. It features fast readings, a large display, nine bright color choices, and a lithium battery that will last for 5,000 hours.