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Grass-Fed Beef Is Healthy Beef

June 10, 2019

Pasture-raised, grass-fed cattle are happy cattle, and that makes an important difference in the meat that ends up on your plate. It translates to beef that’s healthier for you than conventionally raised beef. We’ve put together a rundown of some of those nutritional advantages below.

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Using Cattle To Mitigate Global Warming

August 23, 2018

There is much talk about the effects of beef production on greenhouse gas emissions. While that is certainly an issue with conventional feedlot production, recent research supports the notion that certain sustainable cattle grazing practices can actually sequester carbon and help mitigate climate change.

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Why Rotational Grazing Works in Hawaii

May 12, 2017

Here at Kunoa, we practice a form of rotational grazing called holistic planned grazing. It’s part of an ecology-based system for raising cattle developed by the Savory Institute. This practice mimics the way wild herds of grazing animals have coevolved with the land for thousands of years. Using nature as our guide, we carefully plan our animal pastures throughout our 4,000 acres of grassland on Kauai and Oahu.

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Why We’re Committed to “No Antibiotics, Ever”

January 23, 2019

If you had a choice between beef raised with antibiotics or without, which would you choose? Most people would prefer without, and some major brands are listening. McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Costco have recently released plans to reduce the amount of antibiotics in the meat they source.

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