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5 Gifts for Meat Lovers

December 7, 2018

If there are meat lovers on your holiday gift list, we’ve got you covered. In addition to our own beef bars and t-shirts, here are five nui gift ideas. For even more ideas, check out our guide from last year, 10 Hawaii-Grown Holiday Gifts.

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Crazy for Kimchi

September 21, 2018

We first met Monica Bogar at a food show in Honolulu and fell in love with her kimchi and her passion for healthy, homegrown foods. She makes Napili Flo Farm Kimchi in small batches on Maui from locally sourced ingredients and Himalayan pink salt using traditional fermentation methods. One taste and we knew we wanted to share her story.

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Fresh BOX: Local Meals at Your Doorstep

July 20, 2018

With the high shipping costs from the mainland, we almost missed out on the meal kit trend here in Hawaii. That was until fresh BOX came along. The Oahu-based company offers a weekly box filled with ingredients and instructions to make three healthy meals for two. The ingredients are 90% locally sourced, and Kunoa is happy to be one of those local suppliers. We love to see the creative recipes they come up with for our meat. (Flat iron steak over soba noodles with local veggies and wasabi soy dressing, anyone?) Here’s more about how FreshBOX got started.

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Hamajang Butter-Basted Ribeye Steak

May 17, 2018

May is National Beef Month, and we’re celebrating by teaming up with a few Hawaii companies to bring you a new recipe every week. This week, we’ve put together a pan-seared ribeye steak recipe basted in a spicy butter sauce made with a hot sauce from Adoboloco. Adoboloco is a small, family-run company that makes gourmet hot sauces from locally sourced, all-natural ingredients.  

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Holiday Roasts Available for a Limited Time

December 12, 2018

Are you planning a special holiday dinner this season? Treat your family and friends to a special meal of local, pasture-raised beef. We are offering a limited number of Hawaii-grown top sirloin roasts perfect for special gatherings and entertaining.

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Homegrown Hawaii: Local I'a

February 9, 2018

Living on a string of islands, you would think buying local fish would be as easy as catching a wave at the beach. But it turns out only 37 percent of the seafood we consume in Hawaii comes from local fishing businesses. Finding that local fish isn’t always easy. The seafood industry is one of the least transparent subsets of the food industry, and the marketing around it can be confusing. For instance, there might be a big sign in the fish department that says “local fish” when only one type of fish in the counter is local.

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Hot Soy-Rubbed Tri-Tip Steak

May 8, 2018

May is National Beef Month, and we’re celebrating by teaming up with a few Hawaii companies to bring you a new recipe every week. This week, we have an easy grilling recipe featuring Kunoa tri-tip steak and sweet and robust seasoning from Da Kine Hawaiian that includes Kona coffee, which acts as a natural tenderizer.

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How to Cook With Pasture-Raised Beef

October 9, 2018

If you’ve had the chance to purchase Kunoa’s 100% Hawaii-grown, pasture-raised beef — congratulations! You’re on your way to an ono meal. Here are some pasture-raised beef cooking tips we’ve put together to help you get the best experience possible.

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It Starts With the Soil

July 11, 2018

Back in April, Flux magazine featured Kunoa in its food issue. If you picked up the print edition, you may have missed the beautiful video they put together about our company. They gave our co-founders plenty of space to talk about Kunoa’s mission of producing healthy food for the Hawaii community. It’s a movement that must grow, literally, from the ground up — starting with healthy soil.

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Kokua Market: Going Local for 47 Years

August 7, 2018

When we launched Kunoa beef in retail stores last year, Kokua Market was one of our first supporters. It meant a lot to us to be embraced by this pioneer in Hawaii’s local food movement, so we wanted to return the favor and share their story.

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Kona Coffee Burger with Wasabi Mayo

May 25, 2018

May is National Beef Month, and we’re celebrating by teaming up with a few Hawaii companies to bring you a new recipe every week. It also happens to be National Hamburger Month, so this week, we’re featuring a burger recipe seasoned with Ka`iulani Spices Organic Kona Coffee Rub. Ka`iulani Spices’ blends are locally roasted, ground in small batches and designed to make cooking easy, delicious and healthy.

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March Is the Time to Eat Localicious

March 4, 2018

Chefs are some of the biggest advocates of local food, and we love seeing the creative dishes they create with our Hawaii-raised meat. This month is a great time to sample what local chefs have been cooking up with local food lately.

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New! Kunoa Beef Jerky

June 11, 2018

We’re excited to announce that we’re now offering a new snack to fuel your summer adventures: Beef Jerky! Made with our 100% Hawaii-grown, pasture-raised beef, these bite-size jerky strips are nutritious, savory and oh so ono.

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On the Menu: Burgers

November 9, 2018

We absolutely love our restaurant partners. You can find Kunoa beef being served at more than 30 restaurants in Hawaii and growing. It’s exciting to see the creativity these chefs brings to the dishes they create with our Hawaii-grown beef. The humble hamburger is one of our favorites.

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Stories of Stewardship: Bobby Farias

May 31, 2018

Today, we’re releasing the first in a series of videos that will help you get to know the dedicated people working to build Hawaii’s local food system. Called “Stories of Stewardship,” each video will profile the ranchers and farmers who are caring for Hawaii’s land and animals and producing food that is healthy for our people and communities.

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Stories of Stewardship: Don and Alex Winters

November 26, 2018

Today we’re releasing the latest video in our Stories of Stewardship video series, where we’re sharing the stories of the dedicated ranchers and farmers who work with Kunoa to produce local, healthy food in Hawaii.

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Taco Pasta Salad

May 1, 2018

May is National Beef Month, and we’re celebrating by teaming up with a few Hawaii companies to bring you a new recipe every week. First up is a twist on tacos featuring Kunoa ground beef and a dressing from Da Kine Hawaiian, a family-owned business that has been making gourmet condiments for 10 years. 

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Tamura Super Market: A Family Store With Deep Roots

October 12, 2018

***We’re hosting a free community cookout at Tamura Super Market this Saturday, October 13, from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm. The address is 86-032 Farrington Hwy, Waianae, HI 96792. Stop by, say hi and enjoy some Hawaii-grown food!***

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Using Cattle To Mitigate Global Warming

August 23, 2018

There is much talk about the effects of beef production on greenhouse gas emissions. While that is certainly an issue with conventional feedlot production, recent research supports the notion that certain sustainable cattle grazing practices can actually sequester carbon and help mitigate climate change.

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Why Does Kunoa Beef Look Different Than Other Beef at the Store?

March 14, 2018

From time to time, we get questions about the color of beef. How should it look when you buy it? Why does the color change after I open the package? These are important questions, and the answer begins with a protein in beef called myoglobin.

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‘I Work With Amazing People’

April 4, 2018

We are building a team of great employees who are passionate about sustainable, local agriculture, and we want you to meet them. Today, we’re introducing Kiane Aila. Kiane is our office assistant, but she wears a few other hats as well. With her positive attitude and winning smile, she was a natural fit for helping with demos, so you just might see her when we offer samples at your local grocery store.

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‘The work we do here is pono’

January 10, 2018

We are building a team of great employees who are passionate about sustainable local agriculture, and we want you to meet them. Today, we’re introducing Kamuela Barr. Kamu’s official title is Office Manager, but we consider him our air traffic controller. He handles many of the operations, administrative and customer care tasks that keeps Kunoa humming — always with a smile.

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