Our food is our future

Nearly all of the beef consumed in Hawaii is imported. By choosing Kunoa you are making a difference. Together we are ushering in a future where our food is locally raised with integrity and care. A future where our food is abundant, fresh, and healthy. A future where Hawaii can stand proud and free, flush with local food as rich as the land around us.

Hawaii Grown Beef Bar

Kunoa's Beef Bar with Original Seasonings is made with 100% Hawaii Raised Beef. Lean and delicious—our herds graze in mauka pasturelands on Oahu and Kauai, spending their entire life in Hawaii with no added hormones or antibiotics ever.

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‘The work we do here is pono’

January 10, 2018

We are building a team of great employees who are passionate about sustainable local agriculture, and we want you to meet them. Today, we’re introducing Kamuela Barr. Kamu’s official title is Office Manager, but we consider him our air traffic controller. He handles many of the operations, administrative and customer care tasks that keeps Kunoa humming — always with a smile.

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